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WYLE Scientific Prototype Galleries

WYLE Scientific Production Model Gallery


Below is the second earliest known public press release for a commercial transistorized desktop calculator (March 17, 1964). Our museum recently discovered it via advances in digital archival and search of period newspapers. 

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WYLE Laboratories First Public Demonstration of The WYLE Scientific
(WS-01) Production Model from the "Second Batch." 

    Matthew A. Alexander led the demonstrations at the Datamation Computer Conference in Washington D.C. (April 21, 1964 - First Day)

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"Yesterday, Wyle introduced a new electronic calculator that it said was faster than any calculator now on the market. The device was said to have several commercial applications. The new typewriter-size calculator sells for "less than $4,000," the company said, and fills the gap between mechanical calculators and computers."

Sales Literature for the WYLE Scientific (WS-01)
Calculator shown Is from the "Second Batch"
Note that it is the same setup as the one used in the April 21, 1964 Datamation conference catalog. 

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May 1964
(June 1964 "Cover Date")
Scientific American
This ad was located on page #1. Right after turning the cover page is this ad!!! (Volume 210 Number 6)

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Page #1 (first page after turning the cover!!!)

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May 24, 1964
"Major responsibilities will be to organize and manage a national network of sales offices and franchise dealers for the marketing of a unique electronic calculator."

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August 1964
(September 1964 "Cover Date")
Scientific American

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Page 8

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Close-up (lower-left of Page 8)

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Back Inside Cover

September 3, 1964
WYLE Announces The WYLE Scientific "System"

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The American Statistician, April 1965, VOL 19, No 2.

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Science, VOL. 149,  August 27th 1965

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October 1965
The Anals of Mathematical Statistics, vol. 36, no. 5. 

“Back Matter.” The Annals of Mathematical Statistics, vol. 36, no. 5, Oct 1965. JSTOR, htt


1965 to 1966
Deerfield High School Yearbook
Deerfield, Illinois

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March 31, 1967
Princeton Daily Clarion
(Princeton, Indianna)

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April 1967 (May "cover date")

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April 8, 1967
Using the WYLE Scientific as a Computer Aid in Teaching Mathematics in the Los Angeles City Schools 

Full PDF Can Be Found Here 

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