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WS-01 Production Model from the "Second Batch"
Used at the April 21, 1964 Datamation Computer Exhibition in Washington D.C.

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The result of taking the square root of two with the press of a single button.

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Directly above is a WYLE Scientific-02 (WS-02).

Note 1: The top row of numbers is the "entry register" consisting of digits just entered, the bottom three are the three storage registers. Two rows are blanked (see below) which will show the intermediate and final calculations 

Note 2: As can be seen above, there is a greater separation distance between triplets of digits in the WS-02's and later WS-01's, for easier visual readout (compare with the top two photographs of the earlier WYLE Scientific WS-01. 


Explanation of the six registers

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WYLE Scientific Prototype Galleries

February 1, 1963

WYLE Laboratories

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