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The IME 84 was announced and demonstrated to the public on April 12, 1964 at the Fiera Di Milano in Milan, Italy. The Fiera Di Milano in 1964 was an enormous international trade fair, easily on par with the World's Fair. 

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IME's booth at the April 12, 1964 Fiera Di Milano


April 1964 (May 1964 Cover Date)
Office Magazine
(Also, provided by VintAds to the "Laura Tellini" Computer Museum)

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April 26, 1964
June 1964 review of the April 26, 1964 Hanover Trade Fair (starting date), where the IME 84 was exhibited. 
Der Buromaschinen-Mechaniker

Discovered by, and kindly provided to MoTET, by Mr. Nigel Tout of 


April 27, 1964
The Guardian (England) (Pg. 9)
Evidence of the April 26, 1964 start date of the Hanover Trade Fair

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May 29, 1964
Time Magazine
(June 6, 1964 cover date on this popular "weekly" magazine)
(Clipping's discovery via the kind courtesy of Mr. Nigel Tout and his fine research:

IME May 29 64.jpg

February 28, 1965
Gazette Telegraph
(Colarado Springs)

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September 24, 1965
2nd Annual SMAU Trade Show
(Milan, Italy)

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May 1966
The Computer Journal (London)

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May 2, 1967
Sales Receipt & IME 86S System Brochure

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May 1967
Hope College Computer Lab
(Holland Michigan)

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May 1969
Price List


Unknown publication


Unknown publication

Unknown publication

eARLY 1970.jpg

December 1970
Unknown publication
Source: Louis Beaugrand to Calcuseum

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