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At the same September 24 SMAU show, and in the very same room (see floor room map above), the new ANITA Mark 9 was being revealed. We scanned these in both grayscale and color. 

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"The interesting developments of the well-known ANITA electronic table calculator are a second electronic accumulator that can be connected to the modular system to the base unit and a new unit for complex arithmetic calculations.

 The first ANITA appeared on the market in 1962 and to date more than 12,000 user companies around the world have been able to appreciate the formidable advantages of safety speed, quiet, simple, and regular operating offered by this electronic table calculator compared to the traditional automatic and super-automatic calculators and have been able to detect how it is easily usable by any person who carries out calculation work. Based on the experience gained in recent years, Sumlock Comptometer has now wanted to satisfy with this (second generation) of ANITA the whole range of table calculation needs up to the most complex elaborations.

In fact, the ANITA Mark 9 is able to rework any result immediately and without putting in place the normal reset operations, so for concatenated multiplications, power elevations, continuous divisions, divisions followed by multiplications, while it can keep constant both the multiplier and the multiplier, both the dividend and the divisor, and all always with the automatic decimal point.

Of course, the other characteristics that, in addition to those peculiar to electronics - i.e., speed and silence - Sumlock Comptometer have been preserved and managed precisely to introduce, thanks to electronics, also in a table calculator, that is, simple, facilitates and safety. The electronics, in fact, allow ANITA to use the operational program: this means acting on a single button that automatically preselects all the needs of command of the operation, or a series of operations of the same sign, before setting the numerical terms, thus eliminating the need to select and operate further command keys between and after the numerical terms themselves to obtain the result.

The ANITA Mark 9 has only eight control buttons and is therefore simple and easy to operate. but it also offers the operator a safety margin never before achieved in desktop computers since the operating program binds the calculation circuits to perform only the preselected operation and to process the numerical terms only if they are set in the normal sequence and on the right keyboard. Otherwise, ANITA does not calculate. The possibility of false results due to the usual human errors of operation and selection of the command keys is thus excluded.

Furthermore, the electronics allow in ANITA the arithmetic control by inversion, that is the possibility of instantly reprocessing the result of an operation with the opposite sign; in this way occurs arithmetically and not with only the visual check, if the same values ​​have been used in the operation carried out: check that in ANITA Mark 9 has also been extended to the correct positioning of the decimal point, with the possibility of regaining, after the check, the result that was checked.

The dimensions of the machine are unchanged, and the price remains less than one million while the technical assistance service under continuous warranty is maintained under the same conditions. After the first year of free warranty this service ensures the user, with a modest annual premium, the machine always in perfect working condition, covering all repairs that may be necessary for breakdowns, including the combination of all defective parts.

These and other special features make the ANITA Mark 9 a powerful and exciting unit, able to prevail, as far as it offers, on other desktop calculators."

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