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"Located in Allentown's Historic Afflerbach Mansion, The Afflerbach Mansion Art Gallery and Museum of Trailing-Edge Technology are a must-see online experience (and soon to be a 3D virtual experience) for artists and technology historians alike. The remarkable Afflerbach Mansion is the historic former Mayor's Mansion of Allentown (Roy C. Afflerbach, II), Pennsylvania's third largest city."

Since its founding in November 2009, Dr. Christopher Kavanau is the volunteer Curator and Conservator of the Museum of TrailingEdge Technology, archiving, preserving, researching and documenting the museum's collection. Dr. Kavanau is the volunteer Director of the museum's Project Origins, which studies the origins of personal and scientific computing. 

Outside of Dr. Kavanau's hobbies, he is also a computational neuroscientist and Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences at East Stroudsburg University, where he has a special interest in self-organizing artificial neural networks and machine vision. Dr. Kavanau's research focuses on applying artificial intelligence and computational neuroscience to both electron microscopy image analysis and the analysis of the complex mixtures of signals found in the brain.

Dr. Kavanau may be reached by email at:

All email messages are replied back to within 24 hours. 

*Due to COVID-19, and its variants, the physical museum is indefinitely closed. However, as time permits, growing amounts of the museum's collection will become available for online viewing.  

Dr. Christopher Kavanau
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